GRIT your teeth, it’s worth it

Les Mills Grit Series

The LES MILLS GRIT™ Series features three unique workouts each designed to drive different results. Photo cred: Les Mills NZ

Strength training. It’s something I’m not very good at fitting into my weekly routine, but I know it should be. My solution: Hello Les Mills GRIT™ series. I’m not the best at sticking to a program, but love group exercise so this suits me perfectly. It’s my fix; loud music, aerobics style moves and the high energy releases endorphins that take me to my happy place and helps to keep my mood in check (my family can vouch for this!).

Chances are you may have heard of CrossFit (or if you haven’t heard then someone who does it has more than likely told you about it). The GRIT™ series is Les Mills’ answer to this world-wide phenomenon. Designed with three different classes; Strength, Cardio and Plyo, you turn up to each class not knowing which one is going to hit you. It’s 30 minutes of short, intense exercise that will leave your legs feeling like jelly and your heart bursting. It’s immensely satisfying.

Les Mills Christchurch City had their release day last weekend where they offered all three classes back-to-back. This is my kind of challenge. So my press-ups might have been on my knees by the time we did the 3rd class, which was strength, but 30 minutes is short enough to know the end isn’t far away. And what’s even better the time flies. It’s action-packed, no time for clock-watching. You do that and you’ll be left behind.

When I think of exercise I think of sweat, something that will increase my heart-rate and leave me feeling buggered. Maybe I’m not doing it right but a session of weights just doesn’t leave me with this feeling, but in the same breath I know how important this is for me. I was talking with a friend in the weekend and we were discussing the importance of a strong core, the base to all basic body movements. This is highlighted even more when I’m sitting in my kayak trying to keep good technique. I find Les Mills GRIT™ is an easy way to work on my core while exercising.

Everyone trains differently, so what I’m trying to say is find a solution that works for you. For me, strength training is far more enjoyable (and I don’t tend to finish early) when someone is encouraging me along the way. Les Mills is available in over 90 countries worldwide so chances are there will be a gym offering these classes near you. And if there isn’t, check out what else is on offer in your area.

If you’re looking for something to compliment your exercise regimen, or just wanting to mix things up with some strength work, then give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose. You might just get addicted…

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”
― Babe Ruth


2 Comments on “GRIT your teeth, it’s worth it

  1. Is it harder than body attack ? what about those leg lunges , they are a killer ! oh the memories from wellington !! x

    • Haha Jen – it’s just as good! Seems harder but only 30 mins. You’d love it. Come back to NZ! Love the house updates xx

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