‘I Am Specialized’ Women’s Ambassador

I have exciting news that I have been bursting at the seams to share with you for the last few weeks! A couple of months ago I applied to be a Specialized Women’s Ambassador. I filled in the form and didn’t hear anything back, assuming I hadn’t been selected and thought nothing more of it. That was until heading home after work one Friday when I missed a call while on the tube. On my voicemail was a message from Olivia asking me to call her back. She left no other details apart from saying that she was from Specialized. I told myself not to get too excited and it wasn’t until I spoke to her the next day that  found out that I, along with Harriet Chettleburgh, had been selected to be a Specialized Women’s Ambassador for the UK. Amazing, you couldn’t wipe the grin off my face for the next few hours, getting more than one side-ways glance from the very serious Londoners!

So what is a Specialized Women’s Ambassador and what does it entail? Aside from the very exciting part where I get a sweet new bike, clothing and equipment, the programme’s main focus is to get more women on bikes. The role as a Specialized Ambassador is to welcome new women into an inspiring and empowering community of riders and grow female ridership. They weren’t looking for the elite athlete (luckily for me), instead someone who was willing to put time and effort into creating a community that inspires women to have fun with their bikes on the road, trail or wherever it may be.

Selling myself as a jack-of-all-trades, I filled in the form and discovered over the past few years I have experienced and enjoyed many types of riding; my road bike for triathlon and road-races, my mountain bike for multisport events and weekend rides, my hybrid (RIP Pepe) for commuting and cycle-touring and even a stationary bike for instructing RPM classes! Without realising I have accumulated a good range of skills that I can pass on to other women and encourage them to get out and ride.

I clearly remember getting my first road bike with not a clue in the world how to change gears, bunch ride or use cleats (what they heck were ‘cleats?’). In fact, the first time I used clip-in shoes I had actually been given the wrong pedals to go with them, so I biked all the way out to Le Perouse and back from Centennial Park in Sydney (approx 25km) without even being clipped in! I remembering thinking it was hard work but it wasn’t until the end that I said anything! My point here, just like myself everyone starts somewhere and my aim is to help people get involved and enjoy it.

This last year has been about travelling through Europe as much as I could, with next year set aside to explore the UK, so the timing couldn’t be better. It also fits perfectly alongside the launch of my new magazine ‘Say yes to Adventure’, which are both based around the same values; inspiring people get outside and explore the great outdoors.

Using the power of technology I will continue to blog, create videos and update my social media accounts as I participate in different activities and adventures, so make sure you are following to stay in the loop. I am very excited to be associated with such a quality brand as Specialized and look forward to whatever 2015 has in store. Whose keen for a cycling trip around the UK?

‘Your regrets aren’t what you did, but what you didn’t do. So I take every opportunity.’ – Cameron Diaz


16 Comments on “‘I Am Specialized’ Women’s Ambassador

  1. Bloody hell hollie u continue to amaze me with what u do! I’m still getting over that one run we did together years ago…then that one class of body attack. .it was nearly a flippin heart attack! !! But riding a bike…I can do that….leisurely! Can’t wait to catch up – you can run or bike to meet me..I will drive there but have a treat waiting – name that treat. Take care xxx

  2. Great work Hollie! I was super nervous about jumping on an old bike at the beginning of this year – my first time on one in about 10 years. I could have done with you then and I am sure you will empower a huge number of women to take up, what I have only recently rediscovered as, the wonders of riding a bike again! xx

  3. Wow that’s amazing Hols. Good on you. Is an exciting new venture on the list.

  4. HOLLIE YOU ARE AMAZING Tones may definitely be into some biking in UK perhaps when they Soph and he are over.That bubble energy of yours is fantastic spread more and more to all of us xoxoxo

  5. Hi! I am from Liverpool, NY, USA.. and read your blog because I was googling Specialized Women’s Ambassadors and found this! Awesome for you that you were chosen….Hoping they decide to create a bigger ambassador program in the US so I can be part of it! Have fun and Happy Riding!

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