MdS hits the road

Thank you to everyone who came to Lushingtons Café in Ashburton to listen to Jacqs and I talk about our mission through the Sahara. It was a great night with over 100 people showing up (thankfully we didn’t have to rely on rent-a-crowd), Mum’s legendary cheese rolls and plenty of laughs. The evening was an opportunity to say a huge thank you for everyone’s amazing support with MdS, Running for Rangers and my new magazine Say Yes to Adventure.

Because of the great turnout in Ashburton we have decided to take our presentation down to Jacqs’ neck of the woods too. If you’re located in the deep south and keen to hear what it was like to run 250kms in the Sahara we are doing two evenings – Thursday 28th in Alexandra at the Monteiths Bar and Friday 29th in Wanaka at Gin and Raspberry. Both are free to attend and everyone is welcome, get a group of friends together and we would love to see you there. A great excuse for your Friday night drink!

If you’re based near the top of the South Island, I feel extremely privileged to be asked to speak at The Store’s Pink Ribbon Breakfast in Kekerengu on Sunday 7th June. Come along for a delicious brunch from 10am and support New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. To book your spot email to grab yourself a ticket for only $35.

Pink Ribbon_The Store

With all this speaking you’d think I enjoy getting up in front of people and hear the sound of my own voice. Aside from the fact that I have to stand on a table so you can actually see me, I’ve always had a huge fear of public speaking. I fall into the category of ‘people who fear public speaking more than death’, but talking on Friday night was pleasantly different. I put this down to the fact that I’m actually talking about something I love and feel extremely passionately about, and not a topic forced upon me for the school speech competition (the memory alone makes me shudder). This aside, I did start off far more nervous than on the start line of the longest day! The only other time I feel comfortable speaking in front of others is when I am instructing an aerobics or spin class, for some reason I get great satisfaction out of making others people sweat!

The best part about putting the presentation together was reliving the week in the desert. When I touched down in London after the race, while there was a huge amount of relief at having finished, I didn’t really feel any elation or the sense of achievement that I thought I would. I didn’t even think it was that big of a deal to have finished. Now I am back in ‘everyday’ life, I look back on our adventure crossing the sand dunes and almost wish I was back there again (almost!). People ask me if I would do it again which I reply “no”, but very quickly followed with “I would totally recommend it to anyone, it really was one of the best weeks of my life.”

“Keep looking up… that’s the secret of life.” – Snoopy


4 Comments on “MdS hits the road

  1. Hopefully we get to hear you in Auckland sometime! Happy to help organise an Auckland event to help make that happen…

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